Bucolic Purity

Bucolic Purity

Far removed from mobile phones; far removed from computers; far removed from electricity or roads, humans still thrive and enjoy life. People with their own smiles, their own joys, and their own unglamourous heroism in the face of survival. And then some.

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  1. 01/4/2011John Maslowski says:

    A powerful portrait. Excellent tones with amazing details. Really like the intense expression. Great work!

  2. 01/4/2011Christopher says:

    Superbly captured expression. The face shows the years but still there is pure, simple happiness in those eyes. Wonderful!

  3. 01/4/2011Frans says:

    Excellent portrait. Really good.

  4. 01/6/2011Krunal says:

    superb portrait and i liked the way you described him. Excellent.

  5. 03/10/2011Kevin P. says:

    Great B&W portrait !

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