Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

The ruined remains of what was once a bustling capital city almost a thousand years ago. As the time flies by, and so do the clouds above, there is an eerie stillness of being caught up in a time warp here. As if you are somewhere you ought not to be, somewhere outside of time itself, and perhaps, just perhaps, you are not really there.

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  1. 03/5/2011Christopher says:

    Beautiful shot Sumedh–wonderful juxtaposition of the very slowly decaying ruins against a firmament in motion. Everything changes, some things more quickly than others.

  2. 03/6/2011rian says:

    what he said.. :) i just like how it looks.. dragging the shutter for this one is a good decision.. :)

  3. 03/6/2011Marcie says:

    Love the contrast of the stone textures against the soft smoothness of the sky. Stunning image!

  4. 03/8/2011Kala says:

    Wonderful tones and textures. I wonder what once that must have looked like.

  5. 03/8/2011Anina Botes says:

    A beautiful b&w image. i love the contrast between the soft looking sky and the textured bottom part of the image

  6. 03/8/2011lisa says:

    This is an absolutely stunning image! Thank you for your visit. It is how I found you here, and I am so glad I did!

  7. 03/8/2011Ginnie says:

    It does make you want to walk through the ruins, touching the stones, to see if perhaps they might tell some of their secrets. I bet they could write a book!

  8. 03/9/2011Rookie says:

    This is beautiful composition.

  9. 03/9/2011fabrizio says:

    marvelous and perfect b/w, i love your contrast and your light control – compliments

  10. 03/9/2011syber76 says:

    Love the contrast,Beautiful BW

  11. 03/10/2011paolo says:

    the words you added to the image express togeather
    a concept of eternity.
    excellent work!

  12. 03/10/2011Kevin P. says:

    Very beautiful shot! Great B&W processing ! Well done !

  13. 03/10/2011howse-photo says:

    this picture really draws the viewer in. with such a strong movement above the slowly decaying ruins, there is a real emotional feel to this scene. great photo.

  14. 03/10/2011flyingwind says:

    Gorgeous b/w! The scene is so dynamic!

  15. 03/10/2011John Maslowski says:

    Powerful and ominous mood that you captured with this excellent composition. Love the dynamic sky along with the contrasts and tones in the landscape.

  16. 03/10/2011tede says:

    Splendid B&W, the atmosphere is great. The contrast are splendid. Good day.

  17. 03/11/2011Thomas says:

    The sky is gorgeous. And the black and white is awesome.

  18. 03/11/2011saverio says:

    really great shot and terrific post production.

  19. 03/11/2011Ayesha says:

    oh thats quite interesting…………..black&white processing is really atractive.

  20. 03/11/2011HansHB says:

    I like the use of b&w!
    Very good contrast and the scenery is splendid!

  21. 03/11/2011Tamara says:

    What a spectacular B&W… really well done ! Have a nice day :)

  22. 03/11/2011magiceye says:

    outstanding work!

  23. 03/11/2011T. says:

    Great pic!

  24. 03/11/2011Monique says:

    Great movement in the sky above and a fantastic way to show the flying by compared to the still ruins beneath! A beautiful photo with great contrasting B&W.

  25. 03/11/2011r says:

    Wonderful shot. Love the details.

  26. 03/11/2011Tammie says:

    It is quite amazing to imagine, try to imagine
    a civilization so long ago. wonderful photograph.

  27. 03/11/2011Phil Morris says:

    The words you wrote underneath the photo seem to say it all so
    beautifully. That is certainly what I feel when looking at something
    like this that inspires so much awe, and the clouds themselves
    look like they belong in a drawing of a lost legend. Wonderful work.
    5***** ‘s !!~)

  28. 03/11/2011noel says:

    very nice capture of this landscape
    I like it

  29. 03/11/2011Phil says:

    The deep and dark B/W gives a dramatic atmosphere all around those ruins , I enjoy your shot so much , Phil

  30. 03/11/2011Geeta Singh says:

    wonderful pic !:)

  31. 03/12/2011Guido says:

    I like the b/w conversion you made. The clouds in the sky are moving and the ruined are there and fix since many years

  32. 03/14/2011Sidney says:

    Timeless ! Strong mood…

  33. 03/14/2011Laurens Kuipers says:

    I like the contrast between the sky and landscape

  34. 03/15/2011Marcel Zaugg says:

    Sehr schöne Bildeinteilung. Ruhiger Vordergrund mit vorüberziehenden Wolken – tolles Bild.

  35. 03/15/2011jelb says:

    A great previous portrait..Here, nice range of tones..bravo!

  36. 03/17/2011S. Fann says:

    far and beyond an air of mystery-intact, cleverly framed it’s working magic HA :) lovely piece of work.

  37. 03/17/2011Charles says:

    Beautiful shot.

  38. 03/18/2011noel says:

    Nice capture of this landscape and your post give us more explanation about it Thanks for sharing

  39. 04/3/2011NiceArtLife says:

    Wonderful photo that symbolizes the impermanence of all here on earth.

  40. 04/13/2011Vineet says:

    Awesome photo graph! Can we use this photo as a wallpaper?

  41. 04/30/2011Stephen says:

    Beautiful composition and technique..

  42. 06/15/2011Nisha says:

    Fantastic would be an under statement :) http://thoughtsconnect.com/2011/06/15/different-insights-of-life/

  43. 07/3/2011Piers Michael says:

    This is a beautiful picture, I love the feel of your photo and the black and white look. I feel you have put a lot of effort in this picture.

    Website: http://www.creativelight.in/
    flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/creative_light/

  44. 06/19/2012Frank says:

    Fantastic image.

  45. 05/27/2013Ian says:

    Great looking sky!

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