The Old Shepherd (repost)

The Old Shepherd (repost)

Amidst the mists & through the treacherous trails that lead you to the highest vantage points on earth, life goes on quite differently than ours.Fortunate enough not to be enslaved by our obsessive modernity, contentment is relatively simpler to find. The climates are harsh, but equally strong is the power of our adaptability. This shepherd whom I encountered a couple of years ago during a trek in the Himalayas has no interest in shifting to an ‘easier’ environment of the cities. He didn’t agree to a portrait initially, saying what’s the use of it – after a bit of talking, he agreed but only to humor me.

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  1. 12/30/2010k@ says:

    How wonderful… The feel is so deep. Marvelous portrait!

  2. 12/30/2010Phil Morris says:

    Love this photo Sumedh. It looks like he is flying at clouds level
    or just above them on some magic carpet, and he is so peaceful
    with that. Very powerful clouds offset by his wonderful look.
    Beautiful work.

  3. 12/30/2010Phil Morris says:

    Gosh you are 11 hours ahead of us here. ( you can remove this comment)

  4. 12/31/2010Christopher says:

    Magnificent portrait!

  5. 01/1/2011Marcie says:

    Wonderful portrait…powerful and emotionally evocative. Wishing you all the best in 2011!

  6. 01/2/2011Montucky says:

    That is a great portrait of a man who knows for sure what is real; and what a great gift that is!

  7. 01/3/2011Nicki says:

    Whoooo – what a shot and such a great processing, I’m pleased :)

  8. 01/3/2011sherri says:

    What a fine portrait. So much character in his face.

  9. 02/25/2011Kevin P. says:

    Amazing photo ! Very impressive shot ! Well done, you’re a great photographer and you’ve my vote on coolphotoblog from France for you ! I really love this shot ! I’m fan of your work !!!!!!!!!

  10. 03/10/2011Anneli - A'la Foto says:

    Amazing shot! The light, the processing, everything is soo good!

  11. 03/12/2011fran kiko says:

    stunning strength and respect in your portraits Sumedh. I really like your portfolio man, congratulations.

  12. 06/28/2012Paolo says:


  13. 07/2/2012joshi daniel says:

    excellent portrait

  14. 12/18/2013Tina Trivett says:

    Sumedh…I’m afraid I have misplaced you & cannot remember where I left you last. How are you, my friend?

  15. 01/12/2015yvan says:

    Wow, what a photo and collection in your blog, bravo!

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