The Stream less travelled

The Stream less travelled

Never taking that road that leads to everything we chose, in our hearts we wonder where did our passions go. The violet of the stream shall meet the purple of my blood, the poets sing of laughter while the angels bring the flood.

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  1. 06/22/2009Tabbie says:

    This has great composition, color, lighting and depth. I love this photograph. It makes me feel peaceful within.

  2. 11/3/2009Ana says:

    I keep on returning to this picture for it is so beautiful. An window to another world…

  3. 07/5/2010eden « gingatao says:

    [...] She sits, decorously, Vicar, it is such a wonderful word, don’t you think. Sorry, he says, I was just looking at your garden, so gentle and pretty in the afternoon rain, Ms Helpburn. Do you have a gardener? [...]

  4. 07/6/2010vera says:

    impressive waterfall of colors for a bichrome landscape, stunning- i like the lonely man too to create this urban modern atmosphere of loneless

  5. 07/8/2010sherri says:

    Very different processing. Nicely done.

  6. 07/10/2010John Maslowski says:

    Like the curve of this stream along with the beautiful reflections and colors. Excellent work!

  7. 07/16/2010Gabrielle Bryden says:

    This photo is on fire – I love it!

  8. 08/3/2010Gabrielle Bryden says:

    Just wanted to check if you know about Paul Squires – if not check his blog (comments section). Sorry.

  9. 08/24/2010Mirco says:

    Lovely composition

  10. 09/6/2010buzzz says:

    beautiful picture………. luv d colors n reflection in d stream!!!

  11. 07/10/2012Phil Vaughn says:

    Black water ablaze! The curve of the stream and the orange colors really complement each other. Nice work.

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