Unforgiving Love


If we could say why exactly we love something or someone, if this king of inexplicable feelings and the emperor of absurdity could be explained, what, then, would be the point of it? No, he went back to his coffee and looked outside the window for something his eyes yearned to but never saw, while his mind yearned to but never ceased to see.

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  1. 01/24/2010Xavi Heredia says:

    Evocative image and words…. a powerful BW that I like the most. Congrats!!


  2. 01/25/2010Deborah says:

    Your words whisper with beauty. Your photographs inspire with flirtation.

  3. 01/26/2010Ivar says:

    Beautiful scenery, like the b&w processing as well.

  4. 02/19/2010Celine says:

    So beautiful and dramatic !

  5. 02/25/2010raghu says:

    What is that we find so beautiful in desolate precipices, and lonely landscapes?

  6. 03/5/2010macaco says:

    Amazing mountain shot, great b&w choice I like the contrast.

  7. 03/8/2010Nikos Zacharoulis says:

    Awesome b&w landscape shot… remember me Ansel Adams !!!

  8. 03/8/2010Sumedh Prasad says:

    Thank you so much all of you! :)

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