Cloud Nine


When you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing.
A Zen Koan


The Silent Heaven


The path pushes on, into the barren wilderness of beauty, ceaselessly. Silence surrounds you in a deafening abundance, as the smile of her face and the beauty of her angelic presence instantly gushes before your mind’s eyes. But the universe is big, and she is far separated.


Treading Alone


Treading along and alone on this hill of Sisyphus. To what end?


Triggers of Perception


When the hall of mirrors shatters upon itself and perceptions dissolve into an unnameable reality, we are precisely where we do not exist.

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For whom the water falls


The Roopkund trek that I partook in the second half of the year that just past us by was some experience to reckon with. In a time where we have become comfortably numb with all our everyday luxuries that we take for granted, it is a pleasant change to be right in the middle of nature – to not have the choice of saying in the middle, “That’s it, I’m outta here”.
Because where no vehicles tread and no cell phone signals work and the temperatures and the climate is anything but hospitable most of the times, the way back is as difficult as the way forward.

But for those who want it to be, it can be an extremely enriching experience, going right down to the beauties and wonders of life and the silence and stillness of our souls.

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Veiled Hell


Underneath the beauty, underneath the silence, lurks another reality. To call it inhospitable would be an understatement.


Surprised Santa


There is a time in all of our lives when we actually have moments of true happiness. Fleeting and rare as these moments may be, they depend entirely on how we choose to perceive the world.

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I have No Secrets.


Uncertain Hopes


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Forlorn Memories



We each have to eventually come to the edge of the cliff. (There is always a cliff.) And then it is for us to choose what we wish to experience, to announce who we perceive we are, to denounce what we are told we cannot be. It is for us to come to that cliff and stare at the ceaseless, boundless, infinite vantage that the horizon has to offer. To stare at it for a long, timeless moment and then turn back with a sigh of relief or that of hopelessness. Or we can choose to arrive at the cliff, take a deep breath, and jump. To jump onto the other cliff through which our journey progresses.

Our choice is entirely our own. We each eventually have to come to the edge of the abyss of our minds; our memories, our beliefs and our past muddled with our expectations; and choose again. Of all the hurt we were caused and all the hurt that we have caused. Of all the pain and all the joy. All the desires, memories, shifting into nothingness. And there emerges the splendour of an ignorant wisdom.